Rug Cleaning & Restoration

A handmade rug is an intricate piece of art and an investment you will want to cherish and preserve forever. These carpets can continue to enhance your home or business for a lifetime, if they are properly cared for. There’s something extremely unacceptable and repulsive about a rug soiled with unnecessary stains.

Everyday maintenance is crucial for your rug; the first step is to vacuum regularly. The vacuuming should not be done along the edges as it can unravel the salvage. Make sure to stay away from the fringe (this too can unravel). Even with regular vacuuming dirt and dust can build up and get trapped in between the rug fibers. At any time, there is always the probability of something being spilled on your rug that could stain it. When you have the misfortune of spilling on your area rug, the first thing to do is blot up the spill. You can do this by utilizing a clean, damp, tarry cloth or a paper towel. This will make it easier to clean and loosen the stain from the fiber of your rug. Try to absorb as much of the stain as possible. The best spot cleaner on the market we have found to be most effective is Incredible (follow instructions on the bottle).

When spot cleaning is not sufficient we recommend professional rug cleaning. The benefit of rug cleaning is that you do not have to do it yourself, let us assist you with this tedious task. We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned every one to two years. Having a professional clean your rug on occasion will ensure that your rug maintains it beauty for a lifetime. Also, having your area rugs cleaned will insure removal of allergens that become a nuisance to your health.